Our task is to give you, as the buyer, a comprehensive understanding of the apartment as smoothly as possible.

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    Save Time and Effort With Virtual Tours

    The virtual tour allows you to explore the apartment remotely and gives a realistic picture of the apartment. You can move from point to point inside the apartment and use the tape measure function to find out, for example, whether your dining table can fit in the desired spot. As a buyer, this saves time and effort.

    Book a Showing With the Press of a Button

    Once you have found an apartment you want to visit on-site, you can request a private showing directly from the apartment ad. You can also visit the apartment during an open house. The open house schedule can be found on the home advertisement page.

    Owner's Tour

    At Blok the apartment is showed on-site by the current owner of the apartment. The owner knows the area, the neighbours and what it is like to live in the apartment. Blok's brokers, on the other hand, are familiar with the details regarding the apartment and the housing association. Our goal is that you as a buyer get the most comprehensive picture of the apartment as possible. You can always turn to our brokers for questions related to the apartment.

    Helping You Understand the Details

    If you are considering making an offer for an apartment, you can conveniently download the apartment documents (including the property manager's certificate) directly from our web service. Check the documents and if you are wondering about something just ask our friendly on-call broker via the chat.

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