How does Etsivä work?

1. Search

Tell us what your dream home is like, such as where its located, and what its size. We will find one for you outside the public market. Our service covers nearly all apartments in the Helsinki Capital Region

2. Match

We go through all apartments which fit your criteria and contact the owners. Once one of the owners is willing to sell, we will recommend the apartment for you. If you are interested we will proceed to a private showing during which you can get to know the apartment a bit more in detail.

3. Deal

If you're still interested in the apartment after the showing, you can make a bid. We will help out throughout the bidding process, from the start to the finish. You only pay for the service if you end up buying the apartment we found for you.

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You will get access to housing that may never, or very rarely, be offered through the traditional market. Tell us how you want to live and we search among the 400 000+ apartments in the Helsinki Capital Region, and help you buy it.

Discover the benefits of Etsivä

1. Exclusivity

Do not compete with other buyers. After we match you with a home – and you signal your interest – it is offered to you exclusively. Get access to private showings and avoid bidding-wars. Discover how the process of buying a home ought to be. 

2. We work for you

We work for you throughout the process – finding your dream home and helping you buy it. Outside of the traditional housing market. 

3. Unmatched scale

Get access to almost all homes in the capital region. Make your home purchase more than a matter of luck and what happens to be on the market at a given moment. 

"For those who are starting to get tired of constantly updating Oikotie and Etuovi."

– Kauppalehti, 11.8.2020

Get to know us

Blok was founded in Helsinki in 2017. Today we are the fastest growing digital broker in the Nordics that is active on over 120 areas in Finland and Sweden.

Apartments you can find in Etsivä

Arabianranta 00560 Helsinki


00560 Helsinki 97,00 m²

Ymmersta 02750 Espoo


02750 Espoo 68,50 m²

Toukola 00540 Helsinki


00540 Helsinki 112,50 m²

Reviews and results speak for themselves

What a flexible and highly personalized way to find an apartment. I swiftly found a suiting apartment for myself through the Etsivä service.

- Matti

(16.03.2021, Alppila)

I decided to try Blok Etsivä since the traditional housing market felt too rushed and overwhelming. And I am happy I did! As a first-time apartment buyer, I felt the need to take every step carefully. Etsivä team accommodated this need with utmost care. I have ever since been recommending the service to everyone I know who is considering buying an apartment.

- Gökcen

(2.4.2021, Kallio)

The whole team did an excellent job. To me, the process was incredibly smooth. A truly effective concept, with dedicated and proactive service.

- Riku

(27.5.2021, Arabianranta)

Frequently asked questions

With Blok's new service Etisvä you can find tenant-owned apartments outside of the public market. Tell us how you want to live and we and our technology will find it for you and help you buy it. The service is currently active and searches among 400 000+ tenant-owned apartments in Finland. No deal — no fee.

We look for apartments primarily in two ways. We utilize an extensive database of all tenant-owned Finnish apartments to select the apartments that best match with your criteria. We contact the owner directly by sending them a letter. The second way we search for apartment is through our valuation tool which is used by thousands of users monthly. Apart from these two ways we also collect contact details from people reaching out to us directly regarding selling their apartment off-market through Blok Etsivä.

No, you don't have to buy it. We will inform you about apartments that fit your criteria and you'll get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them. This does not bind you to anything. If you are interested in buying the apartment you can proceed and choose to make an offer.

To make an assignment and search for an apartment is free. You only pay if you end up buying an apartment through Blok Etsivä. The fee is 1,95% of the final price of the apartment.

We will send you an email and SMS that includes the basic information about the apartment found. You can directly book a showing by replying to the email or SMS with suitable timeslots.

In case the apartment we have offered, but you have declined is later sold to you publicly through Blok or someone else we will not charge a commission.