When It's Time to Seal the Deal

When It's Time
to Seal the Deal

Blok makes selling your apartment a breeze and exceeds your expectations in the things that matter.

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    Digital Closing (DIAS)

    In the majority of sales the closing ceremony itself can be done completely digitally through the DIAS service. DIAS has been jointly developed by all major banks in Finland and enables you to sign the sales contract online. The bank will take care of transferring the money and deeds, and we'll inform the relevant authorities about the deal. Once we have finalized the sales contract, our broker will launch the DIAS transaction allowing the parties to sign the contract in the DIAS system.

    Traditional Closing

    You can also close a home sale using traditional methods. We prepare the sales contract for the transaction and send instructions to both parties as well as pre-filled documents for the sales ceremony.


    After the transaction, we also handle transaction-related notices such as the buyer's transfer tax return and the notice to the housing association and the caretaker.

    Time to Sell Your Own Apartment?

    We'll be happy to help if you need help selling your apartment. Please note that if you buy an apartment through Blok, you are entitled to a discount on our commission. Start the process with a free price valuation.

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