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Sell With Better Results Than Your Neighbour

Save time and money. Thanks to the reasonable cost structure, you'll end up with more after all is said and done. With the help of digital services and virtual tours, the sales time is shortened.

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Keep More in Your Pocket

When you sell your apartment on Blok, you save up to thousands of euros in brokerage fees. So you get to keep more of the sales price in your own pocket. Our typical customer saves about € 6,000 in commissions.

Digital Service Speed up the Sales Time

With the help of virtual tours and digital offers and bidding, we sell apartments faster than average. The average marketing time for our properties in Helsinki is 25 days, as it typically is around 34 days for all apartments sold in Helsinki.

Our Brokers Sell More

Blok's brokers make almost 150 sales per broker per year, which is about 3-4 times more than a good traditional broker. Our brokers therefore proven to be both efficient and experienced. Because we sell so much, we also always have an up-to-date picture of market and the latest developments.

Track the Progress of Sales in our Web Service

We'll keep you up to date on sales progress throughout the process. You can track the progress through our web service and follow at what stage of the sales process we are, how much visibility your apartment has gained, as well the number of leads we've gotten, how many times your apartment has matched with a saved search as well as the number of document downloads

apartments sold
12 000 000 €
Clients' money saved
(when comparing to 3.6 % fee)
4,8 ★
Google rating
(average among other realtors 3,2 ★)

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