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We offer a hassle-free apartment selling experience and an affordable commission - without hidden fees.

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How Can Blok Be So Affordable?

Blok's new brokerage concept combines the best of a professional broker and an innovative web service. The technology and the service concept enables a pricelevel that other brokers can't match.

The Algorithm Calculates the Value of Your Home Accurately and Quickly

The algorithm developed by the Blok and enhanced by machine learning gives a price estimate for your apartment - and it can do it right now.

Conventional brokers spend a considerable amount of time on appraisal visits. However, not all appraisal visits lead to an assignment, in which case wasted time raises the commission for the other, paying customer. Even though appraisal visits are marketed for free, their cost is thus insidiously passed on to the paying customers.

Technology Automates Routine Home Sales Tasks

At Blok, machines handle data transfer, responding to routine contacts and filling in documents. As the machine handles routine tasks, our brokers can focus fully on customer service.

Transitional brokers still perform routine tasks largely manually. It takes time, raises the brokerage commission, and takes the broker’s attention to mundane tasks instead of focusing on the clients.

Take Care of the Showing Yourself - You Can Do It

At Blok, you take care of the showing - since you know best how it's to live there. On average, our customers arrange three showings and save 6 000 euros. A typical showing takes an hour, so your hourly "rate" is a hefty 2 000 euros!

About our pricing

If you sell your apartment and parking space at the same time we won't charge extra for the parking space.

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