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You Get a Full House

Our real estate team has sold thousands of apartments and we are Finland's most rated brokerage firm on Google, representing the top of the industry with an average estimate of 4.8 ★.

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Kimi Miettinen

Head of Customer Service

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Noona Pölkki

Real Estate Broker (LKV)

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Valerie Nyholm

Real Estate Broker (LKV)

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Rasmus Kurtén

Real Estate Broker (LKV, MSc)

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Anssi Sojakka

Real Estate Broker (LKV, BA)

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Eeva Mamia

Apartment sales

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Risto Lyytikäinen

Apartment Sales

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Olli Gunst


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Samuli Saarinen

Process Specialist

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Three Reasons to Choose Us

A Whole Team at Your Service

When you choose Blok as your broker, you get a whole team of brokers to handle the sale of your apartment. Instead of one broker, our entire team of brokers are there for you from early morning to late evening every day of the year, each with their individual special expertise.

We Focus on What Matters for You

At Blok, a separate sales and marketing department handles new customer acquisition. This allows our brokers to focus fully on advancing the sale of your apartment instead of spending a lot of time acquiring new customers.

Award-winning service and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry

Our NPS, which measures customer satisfaction, is constantly close to 90 for those selling their apartments, which is among the best in the industry worldwide. Our service was selected as the web service of the year in 2019 in the prestigious GrandOne competition.

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