Tip-tap, offer placed. Digital offers make buying a home effortless.

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    Digital Offers

    With Blok, bidding is done digitally. Our web service will guide and advise you through the offer process. If you need support in making an offer, our on-call broker will help you either via chat or phone. All offers are binding and signed with strong electronic identification.

    Conditional Offers

    You can add conditions to your offer if you wish. The most common conditions are when the right of possession will be transferred at the latest (i.e. when you can move into the apartment) and when the closing should be done at the latest. You can also set a condition for obtaining a loan, selling your own apartment or performing a moisture measurement before closing.


    After making an offer, the seller of the apartment can make a counter-offer. You can choose to respond to this by accepting, rejecting, or making a counter-offer yourself through our service. Remember that a counter-offer is always binding, i.e. if the counter-offer is accepted and all conditions are met, both the seller and the buyer are committed to execute the transaction in accordance with the counter-offer.

    Bidding War

    Often there are several interested bidders for the apartment and a bidding war starts. If you have submitted an offer for an apartment and someone makes higher bids our broker will contact you and let you know, so you have a chance to react to the new situation.

    Standard Compensation

    Once the submitted offer or counter-offer has been accepted, both parties agree to execute the transaction on the terms of the offer. Once the offer is accepted, Blok stops marketing of the apartment and starts preparing the sales contract. At Blok, we use a standard compensations clause instead of a down payment to safeguard the interests of the parties in situations where the other party withdraws from the transaction. If either party changes its mind after the offer has been accepted, it will have to pay a standard fee of 4% of the debt-free purchase price of the accepted offer to the other party.

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