Employee of the Month: Kimi Miettinen

In this blog post, we get acquainted with the relaxed and heartful Kimi Miettinen, who over the years has transformed from a watchmaker and a video game store manager to a seasoned real estate agent. Kimi was hired as Blok's first real estate agent and today he is responsible for the entire customer service team and is the company's responsible real estate agent. Let's get to know Kimi!

Hi! Who are you, and how did you end up at Blok?

“I am 28 year old, originally educated as a watchmaker I later became a real estate agent. Right after school I started working at a video game store, where I discovered my skills in serving customers and selling. The store mentality was goal-oriented and thanks to that I went from a sales clerk to store manager of the flagship store in Finland in five years. In between, I joined the Army, where I developed my leadership skills. During my time there I had at best 133 soldier in my command. Five years ago, I moved on to the real estate industry, and started working at a traditional real estate agency. I studied to become an agent and passed the real estate agency test. With good results, I became a sales manager within a few years. My way to Blok started when I met a friend of one of Blok’s investors at a course. Blok’s CEO Rudi invited me to an interview and offered me the job. That is how I started at Blok.”

How many apartments have you sold at Blok?

“Over a period of two years I’ve sold 367 apartments.”

What is your favorite neighbourhood? Why?

“My favorite neighbourhood is Käpylä, Helsinki. It’s where I was born and my father has  always lived there.”

What if you didn't live in this dimension, which movie would you move to?

“I would move to The Matrix. The world in that movie is fascinating but you need to be sharp: you can achieve whatever, as long as you want to.”

What do you do when you’re not working at Blok?

“At my spare time I play floorball, do downhill biking, fishing and spend time with my wife.”

Last question; what superpower would you pick and why?

“Flying, of course! It would be the coolest thing ever!”

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