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Frequently asked questions

What is Blok? Here you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Services and prices

Blok is a new kind of brokerage concept that combines the best aspects of an innovative web service and a professional broker. When you sell your apartment at Blok, you arrange the showing of your apartment yourself and save an average of € 6,000 in brokerage fees. Blok gives you an estimate of your apartment, photographs the apartment, orders and reviews necessary documentation, create the listing, market the apartment, provide brochures and signage for showing, answer buyers questions, faciliate the bidding phase, prepare the sales agreement and take care of notices to the tax office and the housing company.

With Blok Etsivä we help home buyers find their dream outside the public market.

Blok is a registered broker and we are bound by the same obligations and responsibilities as other brokers in the industry.

We make all arrangements for the listing and sale of the apartment. We bring in the photographer, commission a 3D-virtual tour and order all necessary documents needed to complete the sale.

We prepare the listing and market the apartment to buyers. In preparation for the viewing we provide a support package which contains everything needed for hosting a successful and professional showing (brochures, signage, documents etc.).

While the viewing itself is managed by the owner we offer advice as to how a successful showing is hosted. Prospective buyers can leave offers through our online service and we provide support to the buyer and seller throughout the process. Furthermore, both buyers and sellers can always reach us over the phone or through our online chat for support.

In preparation for the closing we will provide the sales contract and transfer tax forms. Normally the closing is done digitally through DIAS. If the closing is held at a bank we will not be present as we do not have any part to play in the signing of deeds or transferring of stocks. However, we do offer detailed guidance to the buyer and the seller as to how to prepare for the closing.

Our sales commission is 0,95 % (including VAT) of the final debt-free price.

We however charge a minimum fee of 1500 € – i.e. this is the minimum we charge for a successful closing.

If the debt-free price of your apartment is below 157 895 €. Our commission: 1500 € (including VAT). If the debt-free price of your apartment is above 157 895 €. Our commission: 0,95 % (including VAT).

For more detailed pricing on selling and apartment check our pricing page.

Our commission for finding an apartment outside the public market with Blok Etsivä is 1,95 % (including VAT) of the final debt-free price.

Our services are affordable thanks to the fact that our service has been streamlined and standardised to a high degree – additionally we use a lot of automation to speed up our workflow. When routine processes are handled by automation our brokers can handle more customers simultaneously.

Finally, as the owner takes care of the viewings we can share the savings with the customers.

If you sell your apartment and parking space at the same time we won't charge extra for the parking space.

If a detached or semi-detached home is part of a housing corporation which consists of at least five units it can be sold through Blok. Unfortunately, our service does not support detached houses, real estate, office space or holiday properties currently.

At the present we are focusing on owner-occupied homes only. We do not handle rentals at the moment.

We are bound by the same obligations and responsibilities as other real estate agencies in the industry. The majority of our brokers have passed the qualification test for licensed real estate agents (LKV).

There are seven LKV-licensed individuals working at Blok. All customers get their own personal customer service provider who takes care of their listing.

You'll find the answer to this question from the complete list of areas where our service is available.

Selling apartment

The algoritm-based valuation of your apartment is based on market prices and other statistical data and is meant to give you an idea of the value of your home, however, the price is always discussed with the seller before we publish the listing.

You'll get the final valuation from our broker when we have recieved and reviewed the apartments documentation and photographs. We proceed as follows: 1) Sign the assignment 2) order and review documentation and photographs, 3) final valuation from broker and discussion regarding asking price, 4) publishing the listing.

If you choose to sell your home using Blok we will make an inspection of the apartment in connection with the photoshoot. Our brokers make sure that the final price is correct using statistical data, photographs and information gathered during the inspection.

Additionally, our brokers familiarize themselves with your apartment based on photographs and 3D-models which means that special features that might affect the final price are also taken into account before the apartment is put up for sale.

The regulations of the industry obligate us to order a new building manager’s certificate every time we make a new listing. This causes no additional costs for the seller and so makes for a good practice convenient for all parties involved.

It all depends on how quickly we get the necessary paperwork from the building manager and how soon we can arrange the photo shoot.

For example, if the photoshoot takes place a day after signing up and we get the documents within a few days’ time the listing could be published in no more than two or three days. Typically, it takes roughly one week to publish a listing.

We have received very positive feedback from buyers who have attended showings by home-owners. As a seller you are capable of answering questions about your home far better than any broker could. Successful showings and closings depend more on how well the apartment has been marketed and whether the price is right. We have already sold over 2500 homes which proves that this concept works.

A tenant is no obstacle to selling your apartment. In terms of smaller apartments, it might even be an advantage should the buyer be an investor. Naturally this effectively narrows down the number of prospective buyers to investors only – especially if the rental agreement is extensive. If you wish to sell a currently occupied apartment we will include that information in the listing.

When a prospective buyer asks for a private viewing through Oikotie or Etuovi we contact the seller and work out a suitable time for the viewing. If we are contacted through our own website the seller is able to view what time has been suggested and if that time is suitable.

Yes, we provide services for buyers as well. You can always call us if you have any questions. We are glad to answer any question and we also offer assistance to buyers throughout the buying process.

With Blok Etsivä we help home buyers find their dream outside the public market

Yes, if you wish to make any changes to the ask price please contact our customer service at 044 241 6380 (local network rate/standard mobile rate, open 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.)

You can add/edit showings when you are logged into our service or by contacting our customer service. Changes are automatically updated on Etuovi and Oikotie.

Buying apartment

Yes, you can search for an apartment through us with our Blok Etsivä service.

All offers are made through our online service at Only under special circumstances do we accept offers made on paper.

Most enquiries are directed to us and we answer them. For example, if someone asks for a private showing we contact the seller and work out a suitable time for the showing. Prospective buyers can also contact the seller directly through our online service in which case the seller can reply directly.

Offers are made through our online service and they are signed using bank codes and are therefore binding. All offers made electronically through our service are binding.

We prepare the sales contract. If necessary, we can also book an outside a moisture or condition inspection at the expense of the seller (typically shared with the buyer). Normally, only moisture tests are necessary and they usually cost around €250–350.

The company

Blok perustettiin alkuvuodesta 2017 ja on Suomen ensimmäinen digitaalinen välitysliike.

There are two companies behind Blok: Blok Enterprises Oy which is responsible for the technology, and Brik Kodit Oy which makes up the real estate side. Both are Finnish companies.

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded our service the Key Flag Symbol which is only awarded to services and goods produced in Finland.

Both companies pay their taxes in Finland. In 2018 we payed almost half a million euros in tax and other tax-like fees.

Our domain .ai refers to “Artificial Intelligence” which is the technology we use in our service.

We are among the top 10 largest brokerages in Finland and among the top 5 largest brokerages in the Helsinki Capital Region. To date we have sold over 2500 apartments all across Finland.

A constantly increasing number. Check how many apartments we have for sale on the Apartments For Sale page.

Around 35 people work at Blok in different roles ranging from brokers to customer service and marketing. We also have our own development team that is focused on building and improving services. We currently have offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.