What Is The Transfer Tax?

The transfer tax is a tax that a buyer of real estate, shares in a housing company or other stocks have to pay. In this article look closer at when you need to declare and pay it.

Employee of the Month: Kimi Miettinen

In this blog post, we get acquainted with the relaxed and heartful Kimi Miettinen, who over the years has transformed from a watchmaker and a video game store manager to a seasoned real estate agent.

How Does Our Free Home Estimate Work?

Many people are interested in understanding how our estimation works and what the estimate is based on. Here are answers to the most common questions regarding our estimate.

How Does Pipe Renovation Affect Apartment Prices

Pipe renovation is almost always the largest and most expensive renovation in a housing company. In this post we look how it affect apartment prices.

Buying a Home – A Short Guide and Checklist for Buyers

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How to Style Your Apartment Before Putting It on the Market - 10 Easy Steps

Styling your apartment before putting it up on the market provides a good starting point for getting attention among home-buyers.

How to Close a Real Estate Deal in Finland

If the pricing of the apartment is in line with market prices and the showings have gathered people, one may expect offers for the house in a few weeks time.

Evli Founder And Former Supercell Executive Invest In Blok

Blok, listed as one of the Top Hottest 100 European startups by Wired UK, has secured several renowned investors to promote the company’s product development and marketing in its second round of financing.