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Why Choose Blok?

There are many good reasons to choose Blok as your broker. Here are a few insights from our customers on why they chose Blok to sell their apartment.

To Noora the service was familiar from before

Noora in Helsinki chose Blok to sell her apartment. The choice was easy since she had previously already sold another apartment through Blok and knew the service works well. Noora thought it was especially good that she got to discuss the apartment pricing with the broker and that the pricing was not done solely on the basis of the online valuation.

– Varustuksentie 14, 00940 Helsinki

Jani-Petteri heard good things about Blok from his neighbour

Jani-Petteri from Jyväskylä chose Blok to sell his apartment after he’d heard good things about the service from his neighbor. The affordable fee combined with a great service experience made the choice easy. After selling his apartment Jani-Petteri gave us extra credit for superb customer service.

– Siltakatu 17, 40520 Jyväskylä

Miita wondered why to pay thousands extra in commission for a sought after apartment

Miita from Espoo chose Blok because she had an apartment that would sell fast and therefore the choice was Blok. She was especially satisfied that she didn’t have to pay thousands in vain. The photos Blok took even got praise from her friends.

– Yläkartanontie 20, 02360 Espoo

Juuso was drawn to Blok thanks to our good photographs and online reviews

Juuso from Vantaa chose Blok after reading good reviews about us online. Also the quality of our service impressed since the photographs used by Blok were professional. All this combined with an affordable commission sealed the deal. Juuso didn’t have to be disappointed since he sold his apartment through the service and gave it the full 10 points.

– Minttutie 28, 01300 Vantaa

Sampsa was drawn to the service by it’s ease and price

Sampsa  from Kuopio felt our service was an easy and cost-effective way to sell an apartment. After selling his apartment through us he noted that many people visiting the apartment really liked that there was someone there that truly knew a lot about the apartment.

Kukkaroniemenkatu 2, 70840 Kuopio

Helena was convinced by our cost-effective concept

Helena from Jyväskylä like that she could show her apartment on her own and that way save a small fortune in commissions. After selling her apartment she was especially satisfied about her experience and told us she was going to recommend Blok to everyone thinking about using a broker service.

– Kankaankatu 13, 40200 Jyväskylä