How does the service work?

Step 1

Check if we have a buyer ready and leave you contact details. Our customer support may contact you for additional apartment details.

Step 2

When a suitable buyer is found we agree on a visit to the apartment. When the buyer has visited the apartment the bidding can start.

Step 3

After an offer has been accepted a licensed real estate agent helps with the closing.

What's the deal for the owner?

When you sell your apartment through Blok Etsivä you avoid both paying commission and the pressure of a public home sale. A real estate agent values the apartment and facilitates the deal.
apartments sold
15 000 000 €
Clients' money saved
(when comparing to 3.6 % fee)
4,8 ★
Google rating
(average among realtors 3,2 ★)

Frequently asked questions

If we have a buyer whose criteria match with your apartment you will see this on the final page of the valuation. If there is no buyer yet you only see the valuation. You can however leave a contact request and ask us to offer you apartment to any future buyer whose criteria match your apartment.

The estimate provided by the price estimation tool is preliminary and is based on the debt-free prices of similar homes sold in the same area. Prior to the bidding, our broker updates the valuation and takes into account the specific features of the company and the apartment.

If you are considering selling your apartment and are interested in moving forward you can leave your contact information at the end of the valuation. Leaving your contact information does not bind you to anything. After this, our customer service will contact you and ask for more information about the apartment, if necessary. We will then inform the buyer, whose criteria the apartment fits into. After this we can agree on a visit to the apartment. If the buyer is willing to make an offer after the visit, we will order the required documents and perform a review of the apartment. At this point, you will also receive an detail price assessment from the broker, which takes into account the specifics of the company and the apartment. If an agreement is reached in the negotiations regarding price and other conditions (e.g. availability), our broker will arrange the sales contract and closing.

We do not charge the seller any fee or charge. The apartment seeker has made an buy assignment with us and we will charge the brokerage commission from the buyer.

Almost everyone looking for an apartment through the service is a private individual. Most of them are looking for apartments for their own use, in areas where there is a shortage of supply. Buyers' budgets vary, but in practice, we’ve qualified the buyers you see so that their budget is enough to buy an apartment for at least at the price given by the price estimate. Please leave a contact request at the end of the valuation and we can go through the situation for your apartment in more detail.

Questions about the service?

Our knowledgable customer service is here to answer