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    How to make a digital home sale?


    Start with a valuation of your apartment. You'll receive an estimate in under one minute. Our estimate is based on actual transactions of similar apartments in your neighbourhood. The final asking price will be set by the broker before we start marketing so that we can take into consideration additional information we've gathered about the apartment and the housing company.

    Digital Assignment Agreement

    You can sign the assignment agreement in our service using a digital signature. The agreement is free of any risk since we don't charge you any fees or commission in case we aren't successful in selling your apartment. You are welcome to discuss the sale with our real estate broker by phone or chat before signing the contract. You'll also be able to book a time for photography and 3d-modelling of your apartment when signing.

    Track the Progress

    The service enables you to track the progress of your home sale. We give you estimates of when each step is completed so you are kept informed when we can start marketing your apartment. When the photographs and apartment ad is ready you can view them directly in our service. You'll get continuous updates to your email throughout the sales journey.

    Virtual Home Tour

    We create a virtual home tour of all apartments that we have for sale. The home tour enables potential buyers to familiarise themselves with the apartment remotely. Virtual home tours also decreases the need for additional showings thanks to eg. the measurement tool with which you can measure the dimensions of the apartment.

    Digital Bidding

    Potential buyers can view all documents related to the apartment through our service and make an offer digitally. A digital offer is signed using your banks online identification system and the offers are as binding as offers made on paper. You can view all the details of the offers made in our service and either accept, reject or make counter offers. Blok professional real estate brokers support buyers and sellers throughout the negotiation and bidding process.

    Digital Closing (DIAS)

    When the price and terms have been settled it's time to close the deal. In the majority of sales the closing ceremony itself can be done completely digitally through the DIAS service. DIAS has been jointly developed by all major banks in Finland and enables you to sign the sales contract online. The bank will take care of transferring the money and deeds, and we'll inform the relevant authorities about the deal.

    About us

    Blok was founded in Helsinki in 2017. Today we are the fastest growing digital broker in the Nordics that is active on over 120 areas in Finland and Sweden.

    Examples of homes we've sold

    "Solves an essential problem in a way that shakes the industry. With world-class user experience, great results have been achieved. Combines great quality, digital and physical world experience, and the lowest price in the industry."

    GrandOne jury on Blok as the web service of the year, March 28, 2019

    Reviews and results speak for themselves

    Google: 4,8/5 stars

    Kiitos erinomaisesta tuotteestanne. Prosessi sujui hienosti eikä oma vastuu esittelystä ollut laisinkaan hassumpi kokemus.
    Everything was great and smooth! Thank you for your help during the process.
    Ensiasunnon ostajalle ainakin tähän mennessä todella mieluinen prosessi. Asunnon ostossa neuvotaan ja pidetään ajantasalla mitä tulee tapahtumaan seuraavaksi.
    Ensi kontaktista lähtien asiat sujuivat hienosti. Koko tiimi on tehokas ja ammattitaitoinen. Asunto myytiin nopeasti pyyntihinnalla. Suosittelen lämpimästi.
    Loistavaa ja ammattitaitoista palvelua!
    Sujuva, edullinen ja vaivaton tapa myydä asunto.
    Erinomainen kokemus kokonaisuutena, suosittelen! Kimppu ruusuja kiitokseksi ripeästä, tehokkaasta ja ammattimaisesti hoidetusta asunnon myynnistä.
    Yhteistyö toimi erittäin hyvin. Valerie Nyholmille annan täydet 5 tähteä.
    Kuvat/3D todella laadukkaasti tehtyjä, asiakaspalvelu aina ystävällistä ja apua löytyy lähes kellon ympäri.
    Asunnon myynti hoitui näppärästi ja nopeasti sähköisesti. Ystävällinen henkilökunta hoiti asiat mallikkaasti. Suosittelen.
    Yhteistyö sujui erittäin hyvin. Suosittelen.
    AMAZING service! Do not even think about another service provider. We just sold our home through Blok and everything is NEXT LEVEL.

    Savings Calculator

    Commission only 0,95 % of debt-free price.

    Minimum fee is 1750 €.

    Myyntihinta: 250 000 € (2 375 €)
    Verrattava välityspalkkio: 4 %

    0 €

    säästösi voisit käyttää esimerkiksi

    apartments sold
    20 000 000 €
    Clients' money saved(when comparing to 3.6 % fee)
    4,8 ★
    Google rating(average among other realtors 3,2 ★)

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