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Towards the Best Home Sale Experience in the World




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Towards a Million Happy Apartment Sales

Blok's story started from our own experiences in the real estate market.

In January 2015 our CEO Rudi Skogman found his dream apartment. To afford the new apartment he had to sell his old flat. After some price negotiations the apartment was sold and the real estate broker cashed in a 7000 € commission. Afterwards Rudi started thinking if using a broker had been right choice after all. There had to be a better (and cheaper) way to sell apartments.

In the spring of 2016 Rudi got the idea of using technology to automate most of the selling process. Soon after that Juha, Samu and Olli joined. Things started to fall in place: What if we would let the owner arrange the viewings? What if bids could be made online? What if the apartment estimate would be done by an algorithm? What if the transaction cost was a bit more reasonable?

Our Vision Is to Create the Best Home Sale Experience

We set as our goal to create the best home sale experience in the world. By utilizing new technology we could speed up the whole process of selling your apartment, find the potential buyers more efficiently and keep the transaction cost at a reasonable level.

We have sold more than 2 500 apartments and helped our customers save more than 15 million euros in brokerage fees. Our service has been awarded as the best web service of the year. We are also Finland's most review broker on Google, representing the absolute top in customer satisfaction in the industry. We employ 32 people and operate in more than 30 locations in Finland and Sweden. According to our customers, the best thing about Blok is the high-quality workmanship, modern approach to things and our always available expert customer service.

Come along and write the Blok story.

We Are Blok

Kimi Miettinen

Head of Customer Service (LKV)

[email protected]

Valerie Nyholm

Buyer Service Manager (LKV)

[email protected]

Noona Pölkki

Real Estate Broker (LKV)

[email protected]

Risto Lyytikäinen

Apartment Sales

[email protected]

Eero Saarlemo

Apartment sales

[email protected]

Dennis Rönnholm

Apartment sales

[email protected]

Anssi Sojakka

Real Estate Broker (LKV, BA)

[email protected]

Matilda Ahola

Buyer Service Specialist (LKV)

[email protected]

Rasmus Kurtén

Real Estate Broker (LKV, MSc)

[email protected]

Christa Pesu

Sales Coordinator

[email protected]

Oliver Wik

HR Coordinator

[email protected]

Veronica Sjöberg

Sales Associate

[email protected]

Juuso Kotilainen

Sales Associate

[email protected]

Aleksi Rautio

Sales Associate

[email protected]

Susanna Huikkola

HR Lead

[email protected]

Jonna Autio

Customer Relations Manager

[email protected]

Petra Tiukkanen

Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Samuli Saarinen

Process Specialist (LKV)

[email protected]

Saija Sihvonen

Back Office Assistant

[email protected]

Pilvi Lysmä

Office assistant

[email protected]

Vilma Kauppila

Customer Support Associate

[email protected]

Sami Hakkarainen

Head of Design

[email protected]

Rasmus Ekholm

Product Manager

[email protected]

Teemu Laurikainen


[email protected]

Johanna Sjöblom


Juha Jokela


[email protected]

Santeri Sarle

Software Developer

Anh Nguyen

Software Developer

Osmo Salomaa

Data Scientist

Lewis Torrington

Software Developer

Kenny Heinonen

Software Developer

Henrik Aarnio

Software Developer

Simo Potinkara

Software developer

Matias Lindgren

Data Engineer

Rudi Skogman


[email protected]


Office dog


Office Dog

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