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Our story

We set a new standard for an industry that has stood still for decades.

Since 2017, we have worked tirelessly to transform the way homes are bought and sold by placing the customer first. We are constantly working to renew ourselves and create a service that our clients actually long to use. Today, Blok is one of the fastest growing property technology companies in the Nordic region. We offer services in Finland and Sweden - with over €870M of homes sold and bought so far. We are often asked if we are brokers, if we are a tech company or if we are a startup. The answer is that we are a service company - online, offline or wherever people need us.


Rudi Skogman has just found the apartment of his dreams in Kamppi, Helsinki. But the experience of selling his current home and buying the new one turns out very underwhelming. Rudi is starting to wonder: could technology and automation make the sales process more affordable for all parties?


Blok is established in early 2017. Its purpose is to offer modern and smooth home sales at a fair price for everyone.


Blok is awarded as the best online service of the year in the Grand One competition.


Blok is successfully launched in Sweden, and quickly grows to become the leading digital brokerage also in this market.


Alongside home sales orders, Blok Etsivä is set up – a revolutionary way to find and buy a home. With Blok Etsivä, it is possible to access properties outside the public market – on an unparallelled scale. Both showings and tender negotiations are conducted privately and exclusively.


Blok has grown into a major player in the modern real estate space. More than 3,000 apartments have already been sold through us, and we have helped our customers save more than € 20 million in brokerage fees.


We have sold over 4,000 apartments.

Our customer satisfaction based on 5,000+ homeowners who have sold through Blok.
The total value of homes bought and sold across the country using Blok.

We Are Blok

Valerie Nyholm

Head of Customer Service and Team Lead (LKV)

Dennis Rönnholm

Apartment sales (KiAT)

Anssi Sojakka

Real Estate Broker (LKV, BA)