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Buying on assignment

Blok Etsivä is a modern and digital way to buy an apartment on assignment. When buying on assignment we'll extend the search for your dream apartment outside the public marketplaces.

Get access to apartment you otherwise wouldn't find

Describe us what your dream apartment is like and Blok will find apartments that match your criteria outside the public markets and marketplaces. Blok Etsivä utilises a unique database that contains almost all apartments in the Helsinki Capital Region. We'll find you the apartments that match your criteria the best among all those apartments. You're able to reach potential sellers, regardless if they have taken any steps to sell the apartment or not. You can search for apartments and make a assignment to buy without any costs. You only pay for the service if you end up buying the apartment we find for you.

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(No deal, no fee)

You save

10 050 €

(For an 500 000 € apartment)

How buying an apartment with Blok Etsivä works

  1. Tell us what kind of an apartment you are looking for and check how many apartments of that kind exist in our database
  2. Create an account and sign the assignment
  3. We contact the owners of the apartments
  4. If any of the owners are willing to sell we'll send you the basic info of the apartment
  5. If you are interested in the apartment you are able to visit on-site
  6. If you want to make an offer of the apartment we'll prepare a comprehensive information package of the apartment (includes the house managers certificate)
  7. When you've taken part of the information you are able to make an offer
  8. If the offer is accepted we will prepare the sales contract and make other necessary preparations for the closing
Search for free

When is buying on assignment the right choice?

  • You're looking for something special and suitable apartments rarely come on sale through public marketplaces or other brokers
  • You're looking for an apartment in an area where the demand exceeds the supply and suitable apartments are sold before you have time to react
  • You want to make buying an apartment less stressful
  • You don't have time to look for your dream home and want to buy it as a service

Frequently asked questions

With the public market we mean apartments for which you can find apartment listings for on marketplaces (Oikotie, Etuovi) or on brokers homepages. In other words you or other buyers won't have access to these apartments through public channels.

No, you don't have to buy it. We will inform you about apartments that to fit your criteria and you'll get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them. This does not either bind you to buying the apartment. If you are interested in buying the apartment you can choose to make an offer on it.

To make and assignment and search an apartment is free. You only pay if you end up buying an apartment through Blok Etsivä. The fee is 1,95% of the debt-free price of the apartment (minimum fee 1500€).

Yes, you can do that by contacting [email protected] and ask our broker to add your contact details (address, name, email and phone number) to the service. When someone wants to buy an apartment with criterias that match your apartment we will contact you regarding next steps. Contacting us will not bind you to sell the apartment.

We look for apartments primarily in two ways. We utilize an extensive and unique database of all apartments in the Capital Region to select the apartments that match best with your criterias. We contact the owner directly by sending them a letter. The second way we search for apartment is through our valuation tool which is used by tens of thousands of users monthly. When valuating an apartment that matches your criterias we will prompt a message to the user that someone wants to buy their apartment. Apart from these two ways we also collect contact details from people reaching out to us directly regarding selling their apartment silently through Blok Etsivä.

We will send you an email that includes the basic information about the apartment found. You can directly book a showing by replying to the email with suitable timeslots.

In case the apartment we have offered, but you have declined is later sold to you publicly through Blok or someone else we will not charge a commission.

You can cancel the assignment to buy at any time for any reason. Canceling the assignment does not cost anything.

You will not compete for the same apartment with other customers simultaneously. In case there are multiple assignments to buy that match with a given apartment we'll offer the apartment to the assignment that has was made chronologically first. If this customer is not interested in making an offer we'll offer it to the next one.