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Selling Your Apartment

Blok makes selling your apartment a breeze and exceeds your expectations in the things that matter.

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How Is Blok Better Than A Traditional Broker?

Blok is a new real estate concept that combines the best parts of a professional broker and selling on your own. When you sell your apartment with Blok, you arrange the open house and save on average 6000€ in commissions. On top of that you'll sell you apartment on average faster than the market - thanks to our virtual tour, quality photos and efficient marketing.

Price Estimate

The first step at Blok is estimating the value of your home. You can do this directly in our web service. The estimate is preliminary, the final asking price will be decided later together with our broker. You can sign the sales contract easily with Bank-ID.

Start With a Free Estimate

Preparing Your Apartment For Sale

The next step is taking photos of your apartment. We'll send a styling guide well in advance before the arrival of the photographer. Of each apartment we put up for sale we'll also create a virtual tour. Potential buyers can familiarize themself with the apartment before and after the open house using the virtual tour.

We'll also order the official documentation of your apartment and create all marketing assets. You can follow the progress from you account. When everything looks good, just accept the apartment ad and we'll publish it in our marketing channels on Oikotie, Etuovi, Facebook and Instagram.

Open House

At Blok you host your own open house. We help you in all ways to prepare and our brokers are never further than a phone call away to answer any questions. In addition we send you a support package that includes all necessary documentation and the apartment brochure.

Bidding and closing

Now comes the exciting part - bidding. All offers and counteroffers are made through our web service and are electronically signed with Bank-ID. We are on your side as much or as little as you want. The main thing for us is that you feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole process.

When the offer has been accepted we'll take care of the sales contract and tax forms for the closing event. The closing is done either digitally through DIAS or traditionally in a bank office. Afterwards we take care of all necessary communication to the tax authorities and the housing company.

What's included in the service?

  • Professional broker (LKV)
  • Apartment estimate
  • Styling guide
  • Virtual tour
  • Photography
  • Apartment review
  • Ordering and inspecting documents (including the disponent's certificate)
  • Creating the apartment ad
  • Publishing the ad on leading portals (Oikotie, Etuovi and social media)
  • Support package for the open house (including brochures and floor number signs)
  • Answering apartment inquiries
  • Support throughout the bidding process
  • Official sales contract
  • Transfer tax filing for the buyer
  • Digital real estate transaction (DIAS)
  • Notices to the housing company
  • Post-support (eg. complaints and mediation)

We Support You


  • When cleaning and styling the apartment
  • When reviewing and approving the apartment listing before publication
  • When hosting the open house
  • When reviewing the draft of the sales document

Additionally in non-DIAS trasactions:

  • When you order the share certificate from your bank to the closing event
  • When you sign the sales contract and make the transfer notes to the share certificate at the closing event
  • When you return the signed documents to Blok (a signed copy of the sales contract, a copy of the share certificate with the transfer notes, the buyers transfer tax form and a receipt of the paid tax).