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Over 9 Million Euros of Client's Money Saved

On average, Blok customer save around 6000 € in the transaction

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Commission only 0,95 % of debt-free price.

Minimum fee is 1500 €.

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How is it possible that Blok is so affordable?

The technology and service concept developed by Blok enables a price that aren’t maintained by other real estate brokers.

Algorithms calculate the value of your apartment

Traditional real estate brokers spend a considerable time on free estimate visits. However, all estimation visits do not lead to an assignment, which means that indirectly it is actually other sellers that pay the visits because of the high commissions the traditional brokers take. The algorithm developed by Blok gives you a price estimate based on made transactions and is on average more accurate than the estimate made by people.

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We automate routine work

At Blok, the machine takes care of data transfer, the listing texts, routinecontacts and the filling of the documents. While the machine does the routine work, our real estate brokers can fully focus on customer service.

You host the viewings

You are the expert of your own home and you know best what it is like to live in your apartment. It is therefore natural for you to present your apartment yourself. At the same time, you save time and money. Our average customer saves 6000 € and hosts 3 viewings. So you can get an average of 2000 € "hourly wage" by presenting the apartment yourself.

Will I get a lower selling price if I use Blok’s service?

On average, our customers have received a price for their apartment than is on par with the price levels that traditional real estate brokers get for similar apartments in the same area.

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What's included in the service?

  • Professional broker (LKV)
  • Apartment estimate
  • Styling guide
  • Virtual tour
  • Photography
  • Apartment review
  • Ordering and inspecting documents (including the disponent's certificate)
  • Creating the apartment ad
  • Publishing the ad on leading portals (Oikotie, Etuovi and social media)
  • Support package for the open house (including brochures and floor number signs)
  • Answering apartment inquiries
  • Support throughout the bidding process
  • Official sales contract
  • Transfer tax filing for the buyer
  • Digital real estate transaction (DIAS)
  • Notices to the housing company
  • Post-support (eg. complaints and mediation)

We Support You


  • When cleaning and styling the apartment
  • When reviewing and approving the apartment listing before publication
  • When hosting the open house
  • When reviewing the draft of the sales document

Additionally in non-DIAS trasactions:

  • When you order the share certificate from your bank to the closing event
  • When you sign the sales contract and make the transfer notes to the share certificate at the closing event
  • When you return the signed documents to Blok (a signed copy of the sales contract, a copy of the share certificate with the transfer notes, the buyers transfer tax form and a receipt of the paid tax).

Are you thinking about selling your apartment?

Our professional broker team is happy to share advice on where to start.