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How does the valuator work?

In order to make a correct valuation, we need some information about your apartment: Address, type of housing, size, characteristics, floor, condition, the building’s age and plot information. On the results page, you can see the estimate of the price range within which the value of your apartment is likely to fall. You can also see the estimated sales time on the results page. If you like, you can order our Price Watch, which sends you quarterly updates on the price development of your home.

What is the valuator based on?

Blok's valuator is based on completed transactions in your area. Our valuator aims to give an estimate of the current market value of your apartment.

How exact is our valuator?

The median error for our automatic home evaluation is about 5%. In practice, median error means the most common deviation seen by the customer from the end price. The median error was overall 4.3%. In the Helsinki metropolitan area it was around 4% and slightly higher outside the Helsinki metropolitan area. The median error has been calculated by comparing the final selling price of the apartments sold by Blok and the price our home evaluation service estimated. If you decide to sell your apartment with Blok you have the freedom to set the asking price you want. Our real estate brokers advise you, but as a seller you always have the last word.

Who is behind the valuator?

Blok is - The Nordic’s leading digital real estate broker. Our goal is to create the best real estate service in the world, combining the high standards of service and efficiency brought by innovative technology. By leveraging new technology in the right places, we can quickly get apartments up for sale, find buyers smartly, and stay cost effective.