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Buying An Apartment

Our customer service also serves those who are considering buying an apartment. The easiest way to get in touch with us is through our website chat (right bottom corner) or by phone at 044 241 6380. Our customer service is open every day from 9 to 21.

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Check out the apartment documents

Have you found an interesting apartment at Blok? Before making an offer, you should have a look at the apartment documents. This is easiest done by clicking the "Show Documents" button on the apartment page.

From the apartment’s disponent certificate you find the most important information regarding the apartment, such as fees, future renovations and the financial situation of the housing company. By going thoroughly through these documents, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Although the selling price of an apartment would be temptingly low, there could be plans of expensive renovations in the future.

You can see where the housing company receive money and what the money is used for from the income statement. For example, housing companies with business premises should be favored as they can bring additional income to the housing company and thus reduce maintenance fee. In the balance sheet, you can see the housing company loans and property. The balance sheet shows, for example, the company's liquidity. If something unexpected would happen in the building, think about whether the housing company can cope with the cost without external financing.

If you have any questions about the apartment you can always contact our customer service through chat or phone at 044 241 6380. Our real estate brokers are happy to answer any questions you may have related to apartments and our service.

Get a loan promise

If you need a loan to purchase an apartment, ask the bank for a loan promise so you can make an offer knowing that the finance is under control. The easiest way to get a loan promise is from the banks' own online services. However, you should also remember to compete for a mortgage and negotiate loan terms and margins. The offer that you get online will often improve if you visit the bank to discuss the loan and you already have competing offers.

Visit the apartment

We recommend that you visit the apartment before making an offer. If none of the open viewings suits you, you can ask for a private viewing either through our customer service or directly from the apartment page by clicking the "Contact" button.

How to make an offer

Are you ready to make an offer? Good, making an offer is made as easy as possible. To start making an offer, click the "Make an Offer" button on the apartment page.

Who are buying the apartment?

After signing up to our service, you can start making an offer. The service will first ask you whether you are buying the apartment yourself or with someone else.

Are you a first-time buyer?

If you or any of the other buyers are a first-time buyer, select the option "The buyer is a first-time buyer (931/1996) and is not required to pay the transfer tax.".

You are a first-time buyer if:

  • You are 18 - 39 years of age.
  • After the purchase, your share of ownership is 50% or more.
  • You buy the place to use it as your permanent home and you move in within 6 months from the date when you signed the contract.
  • On the date when you sign the contract of purchase, you have not been a homeowner previously with at least a 50-percent ownership of an apartment or a house.

If the conditions are not met select "The buyer is responsible to pay the transfer tax."

Set a price for the offer

Fill in the debt-free price you are willing to offer for the apartment. The debt-free price is the price that includes the price requested for the apartment (price with debt deducted) and the loan share for the housing company. So, in this case, "debt-free" tells you what the price of the apartment would be if the loan for the apartment was paid.

Example: You buy an apartment with a debt-free selling price of 200 000 €. Of the debt-free selling price, 20 000 € is the apartment's debt and the price with debt deducted is 180 000 €. When you buy the apartment you pay 180 000 € to the seller and you take the responsibility to pay the 20 000 € debt to the housing company. The debt can usually be paid off at once or alternatively shortened monthly in the form of a financial counterpart.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service.

Set terms for the offer

The next step is to set the terms for the offer. The offer should include at least the following terms: 1) when the apartment ownership should be transferred to you at the latest, i.e. when you can move to the apartment 2) the date when the transaction at the latest should be done.

If you wish, you can also set a term that you get a loan promise and that you get your current apartment sold. You can also add other terms such as a moisture measurement in the apartment.

Set a validity period for the offer

Set a date and a time for the time period the offer is valid.

Check the offer

The next step is to check the offer. Based on the information you provide, our service will create an offer document. Read the document and check that all the information you provided is correct. If you detect an error, you can go back to the previous steps by clicking the "Back to the start" button in the upper left corner and change the information.

Signing the offer

By clicking on the blue "Sign" button, you start signing the offer with the help of online banking codes. If there are more than one buyer, everyone has to sign the offer electronically.

Send the offer

Now the offer has been signed and the next step is to send it. Please remember that all sent offers are binding. If the seller accepts the offer and you change your mind, and you no longer want to buy the apartment, you are obligated to pay a 4% standard compensation of the debt-free selling price of the approved offer.

You send the offer by clicking the "Send offer to seller" button.


The seller can either accept, reject or make a counteroffer.

If the seller sends you a counteroffer you have the opportunity to either accept, reject or make a counteroffer to the seller.

The seller and buyer can make counteroffers until one of them rejects or accepts the offer or until the offer expires.

Rejection of an offer

If either the seller or the buyer rejects the offer or counteroffer, the deal ends. However, the buyer can make a new offer if he / she so wishes.

Accepted offer

Once a given offer or counteroffer has been accepted, both parties are bound to follow the terms of the offer. When the offer has been accepted, Blok stops the advertising of the apartment and starts writing the sales contract. If either of the parties change their mind after accepting the offer, he / she will have to pay a 4% standard compensation of the debt-free selling price of the accepted offer to the other party.

Are you thinking about selling your apartment?

Our professional broker team is happy to share advice on where to start.